A new chapter unfolds every day. We take paths and trajectories, We encounter people and things, We build connections, trust and relationships. And bonds come in all forms. We share joy, sorrow and experience with our furry companions.

They are the supporters to the explorers, As are the belayers to the rock climbers, Accompanying our every expedition. So get ready for the journeys ahead with Topologie and SPUTNIK's collaboration collection. These iconic straps and leash will lead your way.

Together into unknown adventures.


The Harness

The Leash

The Strap + Phone Adapter


The concept of the SPUTNIK brand originates from the Russian “Sputnik” space program. In 1957, the Sputnik satellite was launched by the Soviet Union and carried a dog named Laika. Laika also became the first creature on earth that enters outer space which signifies a new milestone for our space journey. SPUTNIK inherits this attitude of being brave enough to challenge the unknown and eager to create more possibilities. SPUTNIK hopes to display the trendy styles and superior design of pet products with insights into consumer lifestyles and current popular culture, giving the pet products a brand-new and more popular look, and providing a better quality of life for pets and their owners.

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