Carry your stories.

Every lens captures a unique life narrative.
In 1948, Polaroid introduced the world to instant photography, capturing countless moments over half a century, each frame bearing authentic stories unreplicable in digital photography.

Turn instant photos into the canvas of everyday life.
In collaboration with Topologie, Polaroid unveils a collection of Polaroid Go camera bags, straps, and phone cases, grounding you in the present while transforming ephemeral instants into everlasting memories.
Immerse in the passion of capturing fleeting moments and unfolding each unique tale.

MC Yan

Join MC Yan, Hong Kong's street art pioneer and independent musician, on a journey filled with spirituality and creativity. Through 16 Polaroid Go instant photos, he shares compelling stories highlighting the interconnectedness between people, religion, and animals.

Heiward Mak

Step into the creative world of Heiward Mak, the acclaimed Hong Kong film director, scriptwriter, and producer. Experience her artistic journey and catch a glimpse of her life behind the scenes through a beautiful collection of 16 Polaroid Go instant photos.

Experience The '16 Instants' Photography Exhibition

Step into the realm of artistery and engage with the profound expressions captured within each photo in the following Topologie stores:

Date: 20 May - 14 June 2024
📍Hong Kong K11 Art Mall Store
G05A, G/F, K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Hong Kong
K11 Art Mall Store

Date: 20 May - 14 June 2024

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Polaroid x Topologie Collection

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