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Craft whimsical journeys with every stitch. French designers Marie Macon and Anne Laure Lesquoy founded Macon & Lesquoy in 2009, weaving modern flair into traditional craftsmanship. Characterised by refined elegance and playful charm, these humorous and bold embroidered accessories add a delightful touch to daily details.

Our new Hypersnap series blends function with minimalist aesthetics, transforming phone cases into innovative storage solutions. With carefully designed detachable Zip Pouch, Card Pocket, and Patch that perfectly complement the Hypersnap Bump phone case, it allows urban travellers to switch from one ware to another swiftly and securely, so you can get the most out of each novel adventure.

Product Features

Crafted from high-quality fine-grained loop fabric backplate to prevent pilling or snagging

Loop fabric backplate to fasten Hypersnap Patches or storage wares

Customise your phone case with different styles and placements

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